How it all began

Team graviT first explored the boulder fields of suru valley in the fall of 2012 and realized the potential that this area holds for the future of outdoor sports in Ladakh. Over the years we went on several short rock trips to the area with friends but it was only in 2016 that we organized the first suru boulder fest. The idea had been formulating since the first trip but we could never get our heads around to understand the logistics. So finally we announced the dates of the festival in March 2016 and got an incredible response on social media. The first edition of the fest went pretty well and we had around 70 people from over 20 countries. Though we ran a loss, it was a very encouraging experience and since we have been coming back stronger and better. Over the past seasons all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes have visited the festival with each one bringing a bit of their own sports to the fest. We have had downhill mountain bikers, kayakers, trail runners, slackliners, trad climbers, base jumpers and boulderers visiting the festival because the terrain is just apt for these sports. This year onward we will try and integrate these sports in a competition format to be a part of the festival.