Team graviT first explored the boulder fields of suru valley in the fall of 2012...

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SURU Initiative

We hope to bring some benefit to the local community, through sustainable...

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Winner Of UIAA


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Suru Valley

Sankoo Village

August 25 - September 07, 2021

All Day

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A general day at the fest + workshop details

A typical day at suru starts off with a yoga session with yuji at 7 A.M which goes on for an hour. Post yoga breakfast is served from 8.30A.M till 9.30 A.M. in the dining area.

After breakfast climbers pick up crash pads and water and head out to a sector of their choice. Lunch is generally brought to the crags around 1.P.M. or climbers can head back to the campsite for lunch.

Post lunch climbers continue climbing and chilling at the rocks until 6 and then head back to the campsite. br Dinner is served at 7.30.P.M. movie screening and bon fire and some live acoustic music under the stars is the end of the day.

Location: Campsite

Sandeep Maity and Suhail Kakpori will be conducting bouldering workshops for beginner climbers and will help them figure out the basics of bouldering like falling, climbing technique, pad placement and spotting.

Location: Boulder Field

Sharad Chandra and Ali Bharmal will be conducting the outdoor photography workshops for the interested individuals. They are both very accomplished photographers and have executed many projects for brands like red bull, petzl, gipfel etc. it will be a great opportunity for individuals to pick up some serious skill and up their game by learning from the masters.

Location: Hall 1 , Building A, Golden Street, Southafrica

Through the years we have realized that without proper knowledge of trad climbing our movement towards exploration is incomplete hence we have incorporated trad climbing workshop into our schedule.

Location: Near Campsite

Apart from the morning yoga sessions which will be targeted towards climbing one can register for Ashtanga yoga sessions in the evening with Yuji.

Location: Campsite

Flow Arts is a term that has been widely adopted to describe a movement-based art form which combines the elements of dance and prop manipulation. The arts can be said to draw from many sources of disciplines and cultures, including martial arts, Tai Chi, circus arts and traditional Maori poi spinning. It encompasses a broad variety of modalities / props, such as poi, staff, hula hoops, levitation wands, flower sticks and more. Ashish Bhalla with years of flowing experience will be the instructor who will help individuals with disciplines like juggling, poi, hula hoop and fire stick.

Location: Campsite

The Team

The People Behind The Curtain

About the Team

Frequently Asked Questions

These should answer some of your questions

Is there a recommended packing list?
  • Comfortable clothing (t.shirts , shorts, pants, under wear etc)
  • A warm jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Approach shoes
  • Sturdy slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Personal medication
You can do an online transfer after registering online or pay directly at the festival
You should carry some cash to make onsite purchases and in case you want to pay cash for the services
No there is no safety deposit box and all participants are requested to take care of their belongings. You should carry valuables like phones, camera, cash etc in a day pack with you and not leave it behind in your tent
Temperatures will range between 10 degrees at night to 25 degrees during the afternoon. It might rain on some of the days so it’s a good idea to get a raincoat along.
Yes, you can come for as many days as you please but the transport coming in and out of the fest might not be direct to Leh
We serve mostly fresh vegetarian food but if the chef is happy he might throw in a couple of non-veg dishes for some of the meals.
Drinking water?
We will have many filters around the campsite for drinking water and all the participants are requested to carry a sturdy water bottle to carry their water.
We will have a full first aid kit at the camp site and most of the staff is wilderness first aid qualified. The closest medical facility is 15 minutes drive in Sankoo community health centre and 40 km away is the kargil district hospital.
The campsite is 40 km from kargil and 235 km from Leh
The idea of the festival is to promote the outdoor lifestyle and sports that are associated with it; hence we try and create an environment where beginners will learn from professionals just by hanging out together.
We have around 8 local compost toilets around the campsite and around 10 toilet tents that will be put up around the camp. In addition to these there will also be two bathrooms and 4 shower tents. You are still requested to bring toilet paper and wet wipes.
You can register at the office tent at the campsite for any of the workshop
We have a ton of pads at the festival and since most of the people will be climbing in groups, there will be enough pads available


Our partners who have helped in making surufest grand

Our Pricing

Outdoor Festival

Base Price

₹ 1500

per day

  • Camping Spot
  • Access to camp facilities
  • Meals and snacks
  • Crash Pads

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Climbing Shoes


Personal Details:

Participation Details:

Base price for stay including food is Rs. 1500/- per day

Gear Rental Details:

Emergency Contact Details:


I am aware that Rock Climbing & Slacklining are inherently a dangerous activity and entails a significant risk factor caused by human error or forces of nature. I recognize that such risks are unpredictable, and they may cause injury or death. I recognize that such dangers will be present on the climbing/slacklining trip organized by GraviT Climbing and/or Slacklife Inc. I am also aware that medical services/facilities and rescue services will not be easily available or accessible during the trip. By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that the risks have been explained to me. I hereby assume all risk of illness, injury, death and hereby release and discharge GraviT Climbing and/or Slacklife Inc. and agents, associates and employees from all actions, claims or demands for damages resulting from my participating in the trip. I hereby indemnify and agree that foregoing obligation shall be binding upon me personally as well as upon my heirs, executors and administrators, all members of my family including any minor accompanying me. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents and hence am signing it of my own free will. I also note that I will not try any activity without the supervision of instructors.

Bill Details:

Item Days Price/Day Total
Stay 0 1500 0
Tent 0 0 0
Sleeping Bag 0 200 0
Sleeping Mat 0 100 0
Shoes 0 200 0
Total 0